Guide Application

  1. Submit this application no later than 2 weeks and no earlier than 2 months prior to your visit. We cannot accept it outside this period.(Japan Time)
  2. We do not provide services for commercial businesses such as travel agencies.
  3. You can apply for these services only for one day per group.
  4. Our services will only be available to you if we can find an appropriate guide.
  5. If you have not received a response from KGGN with the name of your guide by the designated deadline, this indicates that we cannot provide you with our services on the occasion in question.
  6. Our services are free of charge. They are, however, given on the understanding that applicants will pay all expenses for the guide - such as entrance fees and cost of transportation and food & drink, etc.
  7. Our services are available 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Please be punctual, the guides are required to wait only 20 minutes for late arriving clients.
  8. The only modes of transportation that we make use of during the guided tours are bus, taxi and train. Driving personal and rented cars is prohibited.
  9. Neither KGGN nor its guides can be held responsible for accidents or damage incurred while using KGGN services.
  10. If more than 1 group is going on the same tour, KGGN may combine groups.
  11. Please do not make multiple reservation for unnecessary guide.
  12. Our services can only be made available if you agree to comply with KGGN terms.