Sight Spots in Kanazawa

Main Tourist Attraction Length of Time Note
Around Kenrokuen Garden・Kanazawa Castle Area
  Kenrokuen Garden 1~1.5 hour One of the most beautiful gardens in Japan
  Kanazawa Castle Park 0.5~1 hour Lead roof tile and sea cucumber wall show the unique feature
  Museum of Traditional Arts and Craft 1 hour Traditional arts and crafts exhibit
  Kaga Yuzen Traditional Industry Center 0.5~1 hour Visitors can try on kimonos and dye silk.
  Seisonkaku Villa 1 hour Residence of the Maedas' wife
  Pref. Noh Theater 1 hour Visitors can watch a Noh performance.
  Terashima Kurando-House 1 hour Samurai Residence
  Nishida-ke Garden Gyokusen-en 1 hour The oldest of the historical gardens in Kanazawa
Korinbo・Nagamachi Area
  21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art 1 hour Pritzker Architecture Award-winning building
  Kanazawa Noh Museum 1 hour Visitors can dress up like Noh actors with Noh masks and costumes.
  Ashigaru Shiryokan Museum 0.5 hour Residence of Ashigaru, a foot soldier.
  Maeda Tosanokami-ke Shiryokan Museum 0.5 hour Matsu's handwriting on display. Matsu was the wife of Lord Toshiie Maeda.
  Nomurake 0.5 hour a beautiful Japanese garden which was awarded two Michelin stars
Musashigatsuji・Owaricho Area
  Omicho Market 0.5~1 hour A Kanazawa kitchen. Meals are served here.
  Kazue-machi Chaya District 0.5 hour This district retains the atmosphere of the Meiji Era.
Higashiyama・Utatsuyama Area
  Katani, Hakuza, Sakuda 1 hour each Visitors can make a gold leaf craft.
  Kanazawa Yasue Gold Leaf Museum 0.5 hour Entering the Gold Leaf World - the thickness of 1/10,000 mm.
  Ohi Pottery Museum 1 hour You can see traditional Ohi pottery - it is reddish yellow and has a 350-year history.
  Shima 0.5 hour The only building of its kind that has been awarded the designation: Japan’s Important Cultural Asset.
Nomachi・Teramachi Temple Area
  Nishi Chaya District 0.5 hour Geisha houses. No fee required.
  Myoryuji temple (Ninja Temple) 1.5 hour There are no Ninja. Reservation required.
  Kutani Kosen 1 hour Visitors can observe the Kutani porcelain production process.
Honda-machi Area
  Nakamura Memorial Museum 0.5 hour This rest area is complete with tea ceremony.
  D.T.Suzuki Museum 1 hour Museum of a Buddhist philosopher who influenced the famous John Lennon.