History of KGGN

April 1992

KGGN became an independent organization - originally part of “the Society to Introduce Kanazawa to the World”. KGGN began free distribution of information at the Ishikawa Prefecture Kanazawa Tourist Information Center and started a volunteer guide service.

September 1992 KGGN’s first publication of “KGGN News” (name was later changed to: “KGGN NEWS LETTER”)
March 1998 KGGN received the Hotto Ishikawa Sightseeing Hospitality Award.
April 2002 10th Anniversary Celebration from JNTO
June 2003 KGGN incorporated computer and E-mail usage. KGGN launched its first website.
December 2005 KGGN was awarded the Ishikawa Prefecture International Exchange & Partnership Certificate.
March 2008 KGGN record: KGGN served over 10,000 tourists in one year.
April 2008 Change in counter staffing system: number of staff at the counter increased from 1 to 2 people.
May 2010 KGGN started guided tours of Kenrokuen Garden and Kanazawa Castle Park.
March 2011 New record: KGGN served 17,500 guests in one year.
April 2012 20th Anniversary Celebration (lecture, celebration, workshop) KGGN published a commemorative magazine.
March 2014 New annual tourist record : 24,000, Total sightseeing guides : 800
December 2014 KGGN was awarded a certificate of appreciation as the Excellent Goodwill Interpretation Organization by Japan Tourism Agency.
March 2015 KGGN began free distribution of information at the teahouse in Gyokuseninmaru Garden in Kanazawa Castle Park.
March 2015 New annual tourist record : 33,000, Total sightseeing guides : 900
September 2015 KGGN was awarded the certificate of Kanazawa-city Culture Activity as the result of longtime hospitality for foreign tourists.
March 2016 New annual tourist record : 50,706, Total sightseeing guides : 1,886
March 2017 New annual tourist record : 61,111, Total sightseeing guides : 1,171